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Index To China Pictorial 2006

Year:2006 Issue:12

Column: INDEX


Release Date:2006-12-01

Page: C0002ins01,C0002ins02,C0002ins03,C0002ins04

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Front Cover
Irina Moldovan from Moldova sings a Chinese song 1
Suolang Wangmu, a renowned Tibetan singer 2
A member of Olympic security force 3
Guo Degang at a performance 4
A still of the Kunqu Opera, The Peony Pavillion 5
Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin leads a temple ceremony 6
One Dream, sculptured by Chinese artist Deng Gang 7
A performance of "Ansai Waist Drum" 8
Tennis teammates Zheng Jie and Yan Zi 9
On Mt. Qomolangma, a local Tibetan woman collects litter 10
Huizai gazes into the distance at a Tang Dynasty pagoda in Xinjiang 11
Miss World Kenya with Chinese child actors 12
Snapshot 1-12
Sino-Foreign Interact
Sino-Foreign Interact 12
China Pictorial Features
Chinese Language Learning Expands Globally 1
Qinghai-Tibet Railway Spans Roof of the World 2
To Nurture a Nation - Advancing Agriculture 3
To Move a Nation - In Honor of the Everyday Heroes 4
China Moves to Protect Intangible Cultural Heritage 5
China Promotes a New Model for Rural Areas 6
The Golden Route-A Train Ride Like No Other 7
The Powerhouse Province - Zhejiang Soaring 8
Binhai New Area Moves to Fiscal Fore 9
A Nation Challenged - To Protect Air, Water and Earth 10
A Convergence of Nations 11
China's Fifth WTO Anniversary 12
Tibet's First Air Hostess - A Favorite Daughter Returns to Lhasa 1
The Mountain Mailman 2
Man of Letters Guards Cultural Legacy 3
A Special Ballerina Finds Her Way 4
The Pathfinder of Printing - Wang Xuan 5
The Young Abbot Shi Yongxin of the Shaolin Temple 6
They Are the "Yimou Girls" 7
Luo Zhewen: A Lifetime Dedicated to the Great Wall 8
Hyper-Hot Duo Burns up International Courts 9
Flying Spectacles Man 10
Businesswoman Brings Benefits to both her Nations 11
One Man's Enduring Innovation and the Gain of a Nation 12
Frederique Darragon's Himalayan Mission 1
Mastering the Martial and Martial Arts of China 2
When in China - Westerners Will Do As 3
A Frenchman in China 4
A Mother's Special Education in China 5
French Students Work Towards the Beijing Olympic Games 6
An American Professor in China 7
Foreign Friends Try out Ancient Chengdu Customs 8
World Choir Games Unite Young People 9
African Disciples Study Chinese Acrobatics 10
An Indian at Home in China 11
From Harvard to Huangbaiyu 12
China Charged-Up
3-D Animation Industry Takes Off 1
Sporting the Sino Slopes 2
Cosplayers Co-Op Fantasy and Fiction 3
A New Generation Rises to Literary Fame 4
China Signs In and Blogs On 5
Gym Trend Muscles into Culture and Business 6
China Goes CRBT Crazy 8
The Chinese Valentine's Day 9
South Korean TV Shows Draw Big Numbers 10
New Age of Venerable Occupations 11
The Rise of Chinese Children 12
Former Jewish Refugees Revisit Shanghai 1
Walking Tall 1
Beijing's Beloved Living Artifacts - Venerable Trees of an Ancient City 1
Seniors Seize the Day 2
Spring Festival Set to Soar as Ban Lifted 2
China Aids International Effort to Beat Bird Flu 3
Video Nation - China Changes Channels 3
City of Ambition 3
Keeping the City Alive 4
Preserving China's Ethnic Bloodline 4
Cross Talk Bridges the Ages 4
Family Life in China 5
Time-Honored Brands of Beijing 5
Rural Schools Welcome more Students 5
The Villages in the City 6
The Way of Wedding - Couples Consider Cost and Customization 6
The Freedom of Self-Drive 6
"Ping-Pong Diplomacy" Revisited 6
Blossoming Business 7
Dayingjie Village-Rural Rejuvenation Realized 7
China Moves to Strengthen IPR Protection 7
The Children of Beslan Rest 7
"No Car Day" Seeks to Push out the Pollution 8
Beijing's Emergency Response System 8
The Culture of the Lop Nur People 8
Reapers of Rice Take to the Camera 9
A Case Study in Sustainable Development 9
The Return of the Gotheborg 10
Picture-Story Books: From Childhood Diversion to Artistic Collectable 10
Chongqing Endures the Sweltering Summer of 2006 11
First Direct Air Ambulance Traverses the Straits 11
Youthful Dreams Beget Dread in Oppression by Debt 12
Noble Homes of Past Royalty Remain in Reverence 12
Building Bonds with Kenya 12
Series: Olympiad News
New Mascots Introduced to China and the World 1
Prelude to the Games - A City's Spirit in View 2
Beijing Cops Gear up for Olympics 3
Students Take up Spirit of the Games 4
Corps Jump Abroad Accelerating Beijing Bandwagon 5
The Opening Extravaganza - Zhang Yimou Set to Wow the World 6
Artists Compete in Support of the Games 7
Building the "Bird's Nest" 8
The Fourth Annual Festival Sparks Olympic Spirit 9
Signs of the Games to Come 10
Qingdao Regatta Scores High in Advance of the Games 11
Olympic Organizers Test and Perfect for 2008 12
Shanghai Hosts 2006 Special Olympics Invitational Games 12
The Isle of Melody 1
Saving Shantang Street 1
Jiaxin: A City of Color and Movement 1
Exiting Xanadu - On the Road to Daxu 2
A Stroll from Past to Present - A Visit to Jinli Ancient Street 2
A Village Pure-Hemu 2
Mount Huashan 3
On the Road to Daxu (Second of a two-part report) 3
Living Long - The Land of Bama 3
Lost Loulan - An Ancient Kingdom Revealed 4
The Temple of Chongsheng 4
A Reflection of Moscow - The City of Harbin 5
Lanzhou's Leather Rafters 5
On the Road to Basha - A Miao Village 5
The Stone Archways of Longchang County 6
Tongling Canyon: The Once Hidden Natural Beauty 6
The Pu'er Tea Rally - Off-Road to the Remote Kunlu 7
Ceremonies and Sutras on Qinghai Lake 8
Journeying to Grand Jiuzhai 8
The Mystery of Mountains on the Central Plains 8
The Ancestral Halls of Shunde City 9
The Home of Regong Art 9
Colorful Ethnic Life 9
Traversing the Karakoram Highway to Karakul Lake 9
Tourism Trends to Countryside 10
Yin Ruins Added to World Cultural Heritage List 10
Baotong Temple 10
The Miao Thanksgiving 11
The Mystic Folk Art of Shehuo 11
Sizzling Sichuan Province of Abundance 11
A Village in Name - Zhang Guying's Descendants Carry on 11
An Urban Park of Another Sort 12
Bullfighting of the Dong Ethnic Group 12
The Red Beach of Liaoning 12
Pricy Global Brands Expand with China 1
Suifenhe: A Golden Passage Between China and Russia 1
Western Hypermarkets Take Hold 2
China-Mongolia Cooperation Drives Frontier City 2
The Golden Path - Traversing the Mercantile Mountains 3
China Wines Cultivate Culture and Commerce 3
Transnational Ties Strengthen Across Treacherous Terrain 4
Auto Nation - An Industry Hits Hyper Speed in Hybrid Mode 4
Food and Fantasy - Dining Does Drama 4
The Business of Beauty 5
A Place Called ZHAM 5
France-Sino Clothing Industries in Sync 5
Tradition and Transactions by the Holy Mountain 6
Sino Coffee Comes on Strong 7
To Capture the Cartoon Cash 7
Silk Road Thrives at China-Myanmar Border 7
Sino-India Border Trade Resumed 8
A Business of Art 8
A Provincial Push - The Liaoning Linkage 9
A Visit to the Sino-Vietnam Trade Fair 9
The Pioneering Pingxiang Border Trading Post 10
A Vital Place Called Xinjiang 10
Air Show China 2006 Set to Soar 10
The Canton Fair Reflecting a Changing Society of Business 11
Retail Goes Big, Bold, and Beyond 11
Restaurant Tycoon Thinks Big, Bold and Beautiful 12
Foreign Car Makers Accelerate New-Model Launches in China 12
Foreign Talents Take to Chinese Stage 1
The Chinese Impression 1
Painter Cen Qi and the Art of Happiness 1
Kung Fu Capital: Beijing's Wireless Wushu 1
The Rise of a Tibetan Singer 2
Artist Wang Dongling 2
First in Fashion - Chinese Designer Mark Cheung 2
Painting the Abstract Symphony - Zhang Guiming 3
A Master's Hand - Creation and Cause 3
The Venerated Craft of Tie-Dyeing 3
The Venerable Master Remembered - Painter Liu Haisu 3
The Etched Art of Han Tianheng 4
The Palace of the Rolling Dragon 4
Enrollment Expands at Nation's Art Schools 5
A Venerated Art of Cloth and Color 5
The Life and Work of Painter Lin Ximing 5
Italy and China Signal Increasing Cooperation 5
Acrobatic Swan Lake 6
Twelve Mukamu - An Uygur Epic Spans the Ages 6
Hunan Institute of Science and Technology 6
The Sculpture of Wu Weishan 6
English Study Still on the Up 7
Yangjiabu Village: A Place of Wood Block New-Year Painting 7
Professor Wu Yongliang's Work on Southeast Asian Themes 7
Changzhou International School 7
The Spirit of the Drum (Chinese Intangible Heritages) 8
The Sculpture of Yu Qingcheng 8
The Hutong Watchers 8
Landscape Painter He Shuifa 8
The Banquet or The Armor - China's Filmgoers Await Battling Blockbusters 9
Thangthong Gyalpo and the Seven Maidens (Chinese Intangible Heritages) 9
The Natural State - A Grand Gift of Guangxi 9
Pebble of a Film Makes a Big Splash 10
Festival of Water (Chinese Intangible Heritages) 10
The Painted Epic of Liang Pingbo 10
In Modern Mode - New Wave Art Rises 10
The Masterful Art of Face Changing (Chinese Intangible Heritages) 11
The Miao Ethnic Group Relishes in Lusheng Fair 11
A Taste of India 11
Molding Temperament with Brush and Ink 11
Especially Errenzhuan 12
A Poetic Casting of Ink and Wash 12
FOR YOUR INFORMATION - Calendar of Cultural and Art Events 1-12
Mountain Climbing 1
Red Autumn Leaves 2
Buying Train Tickets 3
Going to the Library 4
Visiting Beijing Again 5
Going to the Seaside 6
Subway 7
Each to His Own Taste 8
Studying Chinese 9
How Many People Are There in Your Family? 10
What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow? 11
When Did They Come? 12

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